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Pork Bulgogi with Red Pepper Paste Marinade

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Bulgogi, the Korean style marinated and grilled meat is the most well-known among Korean dish to the non-Koreans. You can cook the bulgogi with pork, but in that case it is better using red pepper paste(gochujang) than soy sauce. The pork just tastes better with it, and the red pepper paste works well with the smell of pork which somebody may not like. In addition, ginger matches very well with pork.

This recipe is from the book I have, and one of the most basic recipe for pork bulgogi.


Slice Pork 600g (a little over 1 1/4 lb): Pork butt is good for this recipe, I can buy it sliced(thin, but not to thin) from Korean grocery. If you like pork belly, it is fine, even if I think it is too greasy for marinade recipe. If you can’t go to Korean grocery, you can do it with any sliced pork you can find in ordinary grocery, but it is always better to have one with little fat than leaner pieces. Thus I would buy Pork Steak: it is inexpensive than pork chop and very tender with moderate amount of fat spread all over the cut.

Leek or green onion, thinly sliced(preferrably cut diagonally)

Red Pepper Paste (gochujang): 2 Tbs

Soy Sauce: 1 Tb

Toasted Sesame Seed: 1 Tb

Toasted Sesame Oil: 1 Tb

Ginger, finely minced: 1 tb(I prefer adding more)

Garlic, minced: 1 Tb

Sugar: 1 Tb (I think honey is better)


1. Mix all ingredients except pork for marinade

2. Put pork in the marinate and mix well

3. Put in the refrigerator. Marinade it about an hour to preferrably overnight

4. Put the pan on medium high heat and grill them. The marinade can be burnt even before the meat it cooked if the heat is too hot, so please pay attention.

Usually the lettuce accompanies beef bulgogi, but the sesame leaf is the one works perfect with pork one, as the aroma of sesame leaf brings good balance to the pork and its smell.  As mentioned, this marinade is very basic for the pork, so you can use it for almost any cut of pork if you want to.





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November 11, 2007 at 3:57 pm

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