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The Next Iron Chef: Ending with Low Note

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Yes, I was very disappointed by the result. In fact, I did not expect Chef Symon would win. I don’t know why I had thought like that…Maybe I had been fascinated by Chef Besh’s cockiness a little too much, so I had not been able to realize that Chef Symon had been actually better competitor during the entire competition. Chef Besh had put great amount of complexity in his dish, but that didn’t seem to be all for the win. He had always pushed the envelop to prove he was the guy who could do something more to exceed judge’s expection, however, the flavor matters most eventually; all of his dish looked so great just by seeing it, but I will never be able to know it would taste as great as look, and that was the why I somehow admitted that Chef Symon was the winner. All in all, the judgement had been made by the people who had eaten their dish.

Even if I can care less about the result now than yesterday, I just cannot help myself questioning this: did current Iron Chefs vote for someone who they really think can compete with the same level they have done? Or there might have been some kind of personal preference involved even without tasting the food? I am not so sure I can give full credit to the judgment of Flay and Cora for that reason: they might have not liked the cockiness of Besh. I don’t know, it is just my guess, and why bother? It’s only a TV show.

Anyway, I cannot remember when was the last time I watched TV show with this much of excitement. After the ending, I felt myself exhausted as if I had cooked all the dish there. It had been fun, but I feel very ominous since the direction of Food Network now seems more like the TV channel for the reality show and/or extreme sports competition.


Written by bluexmas

November 13, 2007 at 7:53 am

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2 Responses

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  1. I also thought Besh was the better chef and that Symon would win due to his personality and the fact he was a good, not great chef. He may be the Iron Chef to lose the most but he will be fun to watch. I too think the Food Network is getting too much into the “Reality” show genre. How many new chefs can they add?

    Anywho, good read and keep up the good work!

    Jonathan C. Mitchell

    November 17, 2007 at 8:39 am

  2. Jonathan: thanks for stopping by. Seems that you came from Keith Law’s blog. You left the first comment, so I would reward you in opportune moment.

    By the way, Symon will be on his first battle this Sunday and I will pay attention. I don’t think he is just a good chef and Besh might have been way too complex just for being complex’s sake, and that alone could not get the win he wanted, I guess…


    November 17, 2007 at 10:54 am

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