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The Gourmet Next Door, the beginning not promising

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I wrote this when the first show had been aired, and I haven’t been able to watch the next one since. I am not so sure FN will air the show this Sunday, as the schedule seems to be stuffed with Turkey, Stuffing, and stuffed Tylor Florence; I watched Turkey episode of his Ultimate, and really thought that he had been pregnant. Seriouly, now his belly can be right next to the Emeril’s now(I happened to watch his 2007 shows few times, and he is now really bulky… So Tyler is 2005 version of Emeril, and Emeril still rules mightly in that department). Oh by the way, that was not the worst thing I had seen in FN that day, Elvis’s daughter: I just lost my words, and my jaw was dropped. I was actually SCARED.

*     *     *     *     *

I think I have to admit that I have waited her show for a while, even since Amy Finley won the competition for the next food network star: it was not that I had liked her to win the competition, but I had been feeling sick and tired of watching all the shows hosted by female hosts. Just check this out with me for a second:
-Sandra Lee: the worst, ever. The food, the concept. I just cannot believe that the show with this kind of concept has been running for a while.
-Rachel Ray: If the worst can be a two-headed monster, she will be the second head, next to Sandra Lee. I just do not like her clumsy chacracter and husky voice any more. Oh yeah, at least she cooks, so tick better than Sandra Lee.
-Giada De Laurentiis: Am I the only guy who is not interested in her cleavage? Please stop wearing that deep V-neck top. If you cook well, you really don’t need to wear that. I am so sick of watching her trying to look that cute in ‘Weekend Getaways.’
-Paula Deen: in the interview with Atlanta newpaper,  she claimed that why southern food can be such an issue regarding to excessive use of fat since her mother or older generations used to cook and eat same way and had had no problems. Well, at least they might have moved their body much more than she does now, thus been able to burn more calories.
-Ina Garten: There are three cookbooks by her in the bookstore, and you can reorganize it by chronological order very easily since her on the cover gets bulkier… Just kidding, and her show is at least very consistent and not boring to watch as it all comes down to cooking. So I kind of like her.
-Nigella Lawson: …Her food never looks delicious to me, but not sure it is just because she is not just my taste or…she is just a British.


Oh, just cut the crap and go back to the point. Even if she was not someone I had rooted for, I kind of hoped that she makes some great show and knocks out some of boring programs and hostess behind the curtain. Thus I have waited for this show.  I know it is very early to say, however, the first show didn’t look very promising to me, and I felt disappointed.

The main reason was that the atmosphere they wanted to create, at least to me, looks like French home cooking version of Giada’s Everyday Italian. Easy, simple, yet looks kind of elegant… The sets, music, and even Finley’s accent(I know both of them are from southern California, but…)  sounds very familiar. Thus If you take out Amy Finley, the show hostess, and put Giada De Laurentis, the show will be exactly same and it will not matter whether she cooks French or Italian. I don’t have any idea that the producer set the tone like this or she wants to play safer bet, but all in all, the show doesn’t have any vibrant color which I have expected from the new show host. While watching the show, I had found out that she wasn’t much of vibrant or vivid character as much as she looked like; she was rather shy individual or at least pretended so during the whole show. However, it was not quite like this as she looked so flat that I do not know how can I remember her except the fact the she just started her own show? She didn’t seem capable of creating her own atmosphere no matter what it is and that was why I felt disappointed. If she looked on the way of making hers and made some mistakes, I would have felt OK, but she looked completely tamed from the beginning, as if she was set to do that.

Oh, I know I kind of rushed to make this judgement, and I will take a close look for a while. I am pretty sure that she is much better than Sandra Lee, Rachel Ray or Giada De Laurentiis to me anyway just because she is the new girl on the block.


Written by bluexmas

November 17, 2007 at 10:36 am

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