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Gourmet Next Door, Iron Chef America

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Gourmet Next Door

This was the second time I watched Gourmet Next Door, and she looked alright overall, except that weird acccent(or intonation?): at the every end of sentence, her accent(ot just call it the pitch) just fell to the bottom so suddenly. I have no idea how to explain this, but the way she talks in the show sounded very weired to me, and I don’t think she talked like that in the competition. Is there any kind of training involved? I don’t know, but it wasn’t so much fun to watch her show…for now.

Iron Chef America

Now Symon is the winner, so I embraced the fact and had waited for the show, but it wasn’t very exciting. I think it was mainly because the secret ingredient wasn’t exciting: they said it was ‘thanksgiving’, but it was just turkey eventually and had been used two years ago for the battle between flay vs. Hot Tamales(as far as I remember, I wasn’t bothered to find it). After watching so many battles, I find myself not intereted when the protein was the secret ingredients. I even thought that they had chosen relatively easier secret ingredients and oppenents to Symon to give him first win, and I don’t mean to underestimate Symon as I do not think he underperformed. If the battle got lame, I think FN should take the blame. I just wanted to see FN gives some crazy secret ingredients to make Symon react.

The opponent, Moore, looked lost a little bit. I think the most important thing in the competition is poise, and he seemed to lost it as time went by. To me, that raw venison loin was just hilarious. But It was good to see some black chef working in TV, whatever or however he did.

The most surprising thing was the huge gap of total score: I thought that it could be close battle considering positive feedback from the judges, but it wasn’t. Did they refrain themselves from putting more critical comments for the viewers not guessing the result so early? Or did they think it wasn’ t even worth criticizing Moore’s dish that hard as they thought it wasn’t at the level they thought it should have been?


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November 20, 2007 at 8:38 am

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