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Iron Chef America Insulted itself

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Even if I do not like the direction of Food Network, which seems to concentrate more to the reality show and series of weird competitions and challenge, I still like watching Iron Chef America since it always shows great deal of craftmanship and toughness from the chefs. Eventually, that is another representation of passion of the professional which should be pursued by anyone who takes their job seriously, no matter what they does.

Having said that, yesterday’s show looked like a self-insulting disaster to me, as they deliberately tried to remove that seriousness of the show, for which they have spent enormous time. Whether it was for fun or not, Paula Deen was never a good fit; for me, what she had cooked looked disgusting, and it was made with some iron chef who had put the term ‘iron chef material’ in her mouth in last duel for the Next Iron Chef over and over. Ok, their stuff at least looked more for the serious competition except that Paula Deen’s processed cheese crap. However, their male counterpart was total disater which made people like me suspect their work ethic as the professional. At first, their all five dish didn’t look good at all; it just looked like they had cooked it halfheatedly. As far as I know, there had been no single challenger who have cooked dish looked like that bad, and they were the FN’s own celebrity chefs. Moreover, that Yule Log by Tyler Florence should not have presented if he were real professional, simple because it was not what it should have been. There were couple of times Robert Irvine refused to bring some dish in his show ‘Dinner: Impossible’, just because it was not as good as it should be, something done by professional chef. Everytime he faced such kind of situation, he used to say “I cannot present this with my name.” Well, he should have had some fist fight to refrain Florence putting that ugly cake on the table, and he could have won easily, considering that scary bicep he has.

I know I might be overreacting: hey, it’s only TV show and I know it and I like it fun, but the problem is that the show not is for such kind of comedy and disaster. It could have been forgivable has they put that show on air with different title.


Written by bluexmas

November 27, 2007 at 9:47 am

Posted in Food-Others

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