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The Ultimate Recipe Disaster-Where’s FN heading?

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These days, FN sucks so bad that it finally makes me come back to this abandoned blog to write something about it. Among many bad shows, the worst for me is ‘The Ultimate Recipe Showdown.’ The very first time I watched the trailer, I thought that this would be really bad: who in the world really want to watch that kind of competition? It looks very obvious that they want to bring that Iron Chef atmosphere into the cooking competition among ordinary people, but come on, it is not the program to teach some people who doesn’t know how to cook, or not Iron Chef kind of one from which people can see fantastic artistry wrapped by meticulous craftmanship, either. Moreover, it is not some kind of ourdoor competition you can see festivities around. Therefore I wonder: for whom does FN make the program?

 Just to check with my own pair of eyes, I watched the first episode, or match if you will, and it was worse that I had thought, as Guy ‘Banana-Money’ Fieri, who cannot speak simple and plain English so that he keeps using words like ‘Money’ and ‘Banana’,  kept repeating meaningless comments like ‘oh, that is panko, which is Janapese bread crumb to bring the crunchness…’ While listening those kind of meaningless craps, I figured out that the beneficiary of the program was in fact TGIF, one of the crappiest ‘FAMILY’ restaurant which is playing important role to ruin my home country’s food culture. It was mentioned that the winning recipes from the competition would be developed by TGIF and would be on the menu of it so that people could have it there. Fantastic!

 At the end of last year when I heard the news about the end of Emeril’s era, I thought that it would be fine and I had not been excited with his show. However, the problem is that seemingly worse programs are now  filling their schedule: Rescue Chef? Tyler ‘Applebee’ Florence once had the program based on similar concept. ‘Down Home with Neelys?’ I haven’t even taken a look and never will, probably. And anyone remember Amy Finley? They stopped making her show just after finising season one, with six episodes. It looks very obvious that they have not figured out what kind of direction they need to take, or how they make their concept, which seems to be making more competition shows, materialized by making some good shows. While they are drifting in the river of nowhere, I slowly and silently flip my channel to PBS to watch America’s Test Kitchen. I do not need any more pierce competition that Iron Chef, so it is very unlikely for me to watch FN more than for that one. In other words, this is my private farewell to FN, a.k.a ‘Food (Fighting) Network.

 So long, FN. Thank for the six years of joy. I have learned a lot from you but not any more.


Written by bluexmas

March 7, 2008 at 8:06 am

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