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Crazy Hokkaido Pumpkin Pie

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If there weren’t Hokkaido pumpkin in the mart, I would not dare to try to bake this pumpkin pie. This is such an intimidating recipe to try from the beginning, just because it is a pie. To make even a OK pie crust seems so hard for me thus I have never challenged seriously.

Even after passing the test with decent pie crust, to make a filling for this pie looks more difficult than any other ones I know the recipe of. The biggest obstacle is that there is no canned pumpkin puree in Korea, as far as I know. In addition, the recipe calls for canned candied yam, which hardly I believe available. Eventually I had to roast pumpkins  and sweet potatoes in oven, as I did not want to give up on trying the recipe as the pumpkin was so sweet and delicious when I had tried for the first time.

By deciding to try it, I paid the huge price as the filling was so hard to make it, especially the last step , which was sifting; it was very dense mixture(had to cook on stovetop to get rid of some moisture and intensify the flavor).

After all, the effort was rewarding as the pie comes out at least decent(I always have hard time to call the food I cook tasty). This is in fact the first time I made the pie crust so there is a lot to be improved, but it was at least passable. The taste of filling is very intense(think I overbaked a tad bit), so it was better eating with cream loosely whipped. It was worthy trying, but I am not sure I will bake another one in near future or for only myself.


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November 22, 2010 at 11:58 am

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Project Sandwich Loaf

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I have been dabbling in baking for quite some time, and I’ve had some OK breads like ciabattas and country loaves. However when it comes to sandwich loaf, struggle is the right word representing the outcome. More than anything, the outlook never matches with store bought ones; I never have one rises really well.

That is why I decide to practice baking sandwich loaf with same recipe, at least ten times, without too much of high expectation. The first goal is to have right shape which is only by proper implementation of fermentation.

And the one in the picture above is the third one. I have been baking with same recipe about once in a week. The recipe is originally from <Baking Illustrated>, but I adjust the amount of all purpose flour to add whole wheat flour with the ratio of 3:1. The recipe calls for milk, but I substitute it with water since  but I wanted to test it out with water first.

The most important feature of the recipe is that you use the oven for fermentation to make it rise rapidly. I don’t have real good sense to recognize when I finish the second fermentation, which is for the shape, and I guess I got it a little better this time. This one looks real store bought sandwich bread at least by appearance. Unfortunately, the texture lack a bit as it felt a bit dry and crumbly. However, I was satisfied at the the shape was right. This one stayed about 5~10 minutes longer in the oven that I originally intended, until when I had the oven heat around 130 degree Celsius or so. For next one, I am planning to try cold rise for the first fermentation. I like to do cold rise, but never done for the sandwich loaf.

Written by bluexmas

November 7, 2010 at 9:20 pm